Olivier Casault (@ink1988) will be coming to guest spot from August 15ht - 19th at Ink & Water! He specializes in black work tattoos. All of his incredibly detailed pieces are up on his Instagram (linked below). Send him a DM to get booked in with him while he's in Toronto! 

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 4.07.05 PM.png

New artist: tiff lee (aug 2 2017)

Tiff Lee will be part of the Ink & Water team from August 8th until September 1st. She specializes in illustrative style tattooing in black & grey, as well as full colour. Check out all of her awesome, available flash pieces and tattoos on her instagram at the link below! Email the shop or send her a DM to get booked in. 

guest artists: Ola kaya & cgo (july 15 2017)

More guest artists for the end of July! We will be having Montreal artists Ola and Cgo at the shop from July 27th - 29th. Both specialize in black work and line work tattoos. Check them both out on Instagram and let us know if you'd like to book in with either of them!

Guest artist: En tze (July 1 2017)

Ink & Water will be having a guest artist at the shop from July 11 - July 25! En specializes in water colour and fan art based tattoos. Come by the shop to get some art commemorating your favourite TV shows, or some vibrant watercolour pieces!


GUEST ARTIST: ALAN GOG (june 15 2017)

Ink & Water will be having a guest artist, Alan Gog, at the shop from June 24 - 28. He specializes in dot work, geometric pieces, and mandalas. Feel free to email the shop or come by the shop to get booked in with him!

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 3.01.15 PM.png

Toronto Tattoo Convention

The Ink & Water Team will be having a large booth at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre for the 19th Annual Northern Ink Xposure.

Our shop will be closed due to all our artists being at the convention. If you would like to get a piece during the convention don't hesitate to message us.

Book Tickets NOW! Save money and avoid long line-ups!  

NIX 2017 will be held June 9 – 11, in the South Building “Hall E” of the MTCC at 222 Bremner Blvd.

Show opens to the public on Friday June 9th: 2pm – 11pm
Saturday June 10th: 12pm – 11pm
Sunday June 11th: 12pm – 7pm



Ink & Water Team Gathering

We are always welcoming new comers to join our events we have with the Ink & Water Team in our group gatherings. We have a lot events planned for the summer and we hope to see you guys there!


Michaels Books are closed

Our artist Michael (@mgptattoos) has closed his books. He will be reopening his books on July 31st and taking bookings for August. Stay up to date on his current works and keep a look out for updates on his booking status on his instagram



Our apprentices Drew (@_drewkelly) and Kevin (@kevincompuesto) have started tattooing on skin!

After months of training and hard work our apprentices Drew and Kevin finally started doing their work on skin. Drew is currently training in fine-line single needle line work, and more illustrative style tattoos. Kevin is training in realism, and line work tattoos. Check out their instagrams:

Opening Event Free Flash Day

Free flash day was a huge success thanks to everyone who came out! We completed 130 tattoos in one day with 5 artists working. We hope to have the same amazing turn out for our future events. Check out our video (on the left) to see or relive some of the action from that dat. Thank you so much to the 400 people who showed up for this event and we are so sorry we couldn't get to everyone. We definitely didn't expect to have such a high turnout, but are so pleased that we did. We hope to improve the way the event is run in the future for increased convenience of our clients, so thank you again to everyone who came out and participated!