To book an appointment or consultation please drop by our shop or send us an email. 

If you’re looking to get a tattoo but can’t decide on what to get, custom tattoos are the right direction. You can work together with the artist to create a unique tattoo. Our suggestion for custom pieces, coverups, or larger pieces is to come by for a consultation first.

The shop minimum is $100, and the hourly rate depends on the artist, but this only applies to larger multi session work, one-sitting tattoos are priced by the piece. Your artist will be more than happy to give a price quote after the final artwork is decided upon and before your appointment date. We are only able to provide rough quotes in person or over email.

The shop requires a $100 deposit for all appointments; this deposit is deducted off the final price of the tattoo. Cancellations must be made 48 hours before the appointment date. If possible, please visit the shop in person to make an appointment.




Saniderm / tatu-derm

The first application should be removed within 12 to 24 hours. Clean with unscented soap, then dry and reapply. The second application can stay on for 2-5 days. 3 days after the Saniderm has been removed start moisturizing with tattoo balm or unscented lotion.

For more questions take a look at this pdf (Tatu-Derm) or give us a call. 

saran wrap / non-adhesive bandage

12 hours after being tattooed you will need to remove the wrap. Use an unscented soap to wash the tattoo gently. Pat down with a clean paper towel until dry, then apply a thin layer of tattoo balm or unscented lotion. Do not re-bandage the tattoo.

After bandage removal

Keep the tattoo dry. No swimming, hot tubs, baths or submerging in water for 2 - 4 weeks. Showers are fine; just don't have the tattoo under the water too long.

Try your best to avoid direct sunlight 2 weeks. Avoid using antibiotic- and petroleum-based ointments, such as Vaseline, and Polysporin since they can cause a skin infection.




Needing touch ups after a tattoo has completely healed is fairly common. Once the tattoo is no longer peeling, itchy, scabbing, and feels like non-tattooed skin is when it has fully healed which can take anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks depending on the piece and the individual. 

Our shop provides complementary touch ups (with the exception of inner lip, finger, side/palm of hand, and side/sole of foot tattoos) for an indefinite amount of time. Feel free to contact the shop via email or phone call to set up a complementary touch up appointment at any time. 

Though not all pieces require touch ups they can be necessary more frequently depending on different techniques used by the artist and how they react on different types of skin. For single needle pieces there is a higher chance of needing to touch up lines that may have lightened up in the healing process. For pieces with large amounts of solid black there is typically more scabbing, which if pulled can cause the area to lighten significantly. It is normal to have some small imperfections in healing and all our artists are more than happy to restore their pieces to the same standard they were at upon completion. 




It is possible to have allergic reactions to certain types of inks. This is more common in red tones and some blues due to the pigments used, but can also happen on a lesser scale with other colours. There is no way for our artists to predict reactions of individual clients to these pigments. 

There is also a possibility of having a reaction to Saniderm/Tatu-derm bandages due to the adhesive. Though it is a medical grade product there is still the slight chance it could irritate the skin. In the event that this occurs, remove the bandage and do not reapply.

Though we appreciate being informed of any reactions or complications any clients may have during their healing process it is very important to contact a licensed medical professional if any symptoms seem concerning.