People come in every variation and so do thier interpretations.

This page is dedicated to all the folks that taught us

what Ink & Water can be.




As a biracial person I had to get both versions of the symbol, they are like my parents. Two things can come together against odds and make one. -Shailene (Toronto)

It's a promise and reminder to always follow those values generosity, inclusion, imagination.  - Stephen (Hamilton)

Opposites attract and the overlap represents that. - Serenity (Monetgo bay, Jamaica)

I love the shop and the team I wanted to show support! - Ali ( Guelph)

Sketch is a place dear to my heart since I spent some time there as a youth and I love giving back to them! - Jessica (Toronto)

I got all my tattoos here, this one represents the place and the process not just the final product. - Jamie (Oshawa)

It's like the Yin & Yang. - Amy (oakville)

I love that you give to charity every time someone gets one so I wanted my first tattoo to be for a good cause. - Jordan (Mississauga)

Reminds me of a Xena quote " soft as the water may be, who can withstand the flood" - Michelle (Toronto)

Earth is mostly water, I think we are the drop of black trying to fight conformity and not end up lost at sea. - Madeline (Edmonton)

It just looks dope! - Jayden (Houston, USA)

I just wanted a cool way to give to charity While visiting! - Lynn (Manchester, England)

It's the liquid in the glass, half empty/half full. That's how the heart feels sometimes so I got it on my left side. - Olivier (Paris, France)

I see two tears one for joy and one for sadness. - Ken (montreal)

I love giving back to the communities aound the world that help art grow and as an artist this is a perfect way to show that and express it. - Jessie (Osaka, Japan)