A business only thrives when the community supports it. Art only proliferates when we share our influences. And love is just a synonym for giving.


This is the value that helps us create the beautiful work we do. It takes clients who bring us their trust and support, artists who have handed down their styles and techniques and lastly it takes a lot of love to make each piece confidently worthy of someone's body.


How We Embody It

  • For every tattoo we do, we donate a portion of the profits to Sketch. Sketch is a platform for homeless, street-involved or marginalized youth to experience the transformative power of the arts. Since 1996, SKETCH has engaged youth through the arts and become a unique haven within Toronto.

  • We also throw parties open to the city with free food and drinks, because fun should be simple. You just have to show up!

  • Keep up with Ink & Water, we do giveaways all the time. No really like all the time!

  • Come by for a free consultation, we've got a drink and a snack with your name on it!



At Ink & Water we believe in always asking: Who have I left out with my words and my actions?

Too often inclusion is equated with tolerance, but we set the bar higher for ourselves, we view it as having two more pieces encouragement and expression. Because at the end of the day that's what art is about and that's what Toronto is about.


How We Embody It

  • Having inclusion visible is important, and our team is a direct reflection of that. We have different, nationalities, races, genders, sexual orientations, and lifestyles all proudly represented through the Ink & Water team.

  • Our shop is like no other tattoo shop. From the welcoming front desk and couth artists to the minimalist white walls and splashes of pastel. We set out to normalize the artform and ditch the grungy and intimidating stigma of the tattoo world.

  • Everyone is welcome! Youth filled rebellion pieces, matching wedding tats or decade old cover ups. We respect wherever your life's journey is at and are proud to be a part of it.



Imagination is arguably the most important piece of Ink & Water.

A client and artist have to bridge their imaginations together to create a symbiotic vision for the final art.

A business has to imagine it’s clients needs everyday before opening shop.

A subculture can only thrive when we reimagine it’s boundaries.


How We Embody It

  • Whether it's fusing miyazaki and tim burton into one piece or free handing an entire ecosystem on a thigh, imagination is at the forefront of an ink & water custom design.

  • We reimagined what a tattoo shop could be and execute it everyday, come see for yourself if you don’t believe us!