After our first year of opening we had a moment of achievment and joy. We had done it, we had opened a successful bussiness in our city and created a following of people who loved what we do. Now it was our turn to give back and not take for granted the very community that built us one piece of art at a time. We wanted to give to a charity that did hands on work, understood toronto and had a unique approach. So we found Sketch. They don’t just provide physical needs of food and basics but also psychological and emotional needs by helping others create art and expression, something that we see as essential to the soul. For every tattoo we do, we donate a portion of the profits to Sketch. Sketch is a platform for homeless, street-involved or marginalized youth to experience the transformative power of the arts. Since 1996, SKETCH has engaged youth through the arts for over 20years and become a unique haven within Toronto.